5 Reasons To Outsource Your Email Marketing

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Email marketers want to maximize the value of their email campaigns, but many marketers lack the budget, resources or expertise to create campaigns that achieve the results they desire. But instead of turning to those with more experience to a email marketing outsourcing company, they grind away at it in-house or hire inexperienced developers to try and make improvements. The typical end result is a campaign that has delivery issues, doesn’t display properly across multiple email clients or under performs against the goals it was set out to achieve.

That’s where email marketing outsourcing services can help. When you factor in the time, resources, overhead and other expenses that it takes to develop in-house campaigns, hiring an experienced email marketing services firm is usually a more effective (and many times a more affordable) solution. The marketing insight, creative talent, coding skill and delivery experience of an email agency or ESP will result in a far more effective email campaign.

So why use a managed email marketing services firm? Here’s a few reasons:

1. You’re frustrated with your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing seems like it should be easy, but its not. Email marketing is hard. Even campaigns that appear to be “simple” are usually that way because of successful email marketing planning and execution, and not because they are actually easy. An experienced email marketing partner can help make it look easy because they can use their expertise and industry knowledge to provide ideas that will improve your email marketing campaign. That’s something that won’t happen in house.

2. You know you can do better

Do you feel like your email marketing campaigns are under achieving? Not sure why? Sometimes small details can make or break a email marketing campaign. Crafting an effective subject line, using a pre-header, placing a call-to-action in the preview page, designing for mobile inbox compatibility- these are all things that savvy marketers will already have in their tool chest, but others may not.And more often than not, those details are the difference between negative and positive ROI.

3. You aren’t maximizing your budget

When your budget is being put towards educating your in-house team, revising poor creative, and continuously tweaking your email code, your budget isn’t being allocated wisely. When you work with a veteran email marketing outsourcing team, the budget can maximized as there’s no waste due to lack of experience.

4. Your resources are limited

If you find your email marketing campaigns are always late because your team doesn’t have the time to focus on the project, then bringing in additional help will keep your campaigns on time and more relevant. Reaching your audience at the right time with the right message is key, and missing that opportunity could be negatively impacting your email marketing campaigns.

5. Your time is limited

When you are being pulled in many directions, having a team that can be pro-active, deliver unique ideas and offer strategic input will not only give you peace of mind, but will allow you to focus your attention on the big picture. Not having to micro-manage and oversee the entire production will actually save you time in the end.

If you choose to outsource your email marketing campaigns, make sure you choose a partner that has extensive experience crafting email campaigns and providing related email services including assistance with list growth, recurring campaigns, landing pages, microsites and anything else you may need. A partner with an extensive client base that includes all kinds of B2B and B2C businesses will be of value as all their experience will benefit your marketing efforts.

If you aren’t sure if outsourcing will provide positive ROI, remember that the partner you select will want to prove their value. By providing an efficient, affordable solution that fills the gaps in your marketing approach, an outsourced partner may be the best thing that ever happened to your email marketing.

Source: http://masstransmit.com/broadcast_blog/6-reasons-to-outsource-your-email-marketing/

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