The Ignite® brand was inspired by Neil Thompson’s passion for riding the mountains and waves of Europe.
After working within the U.K.’s snow and surf market for over a decade, Neil launched our beanie brand, Ignite®, in February 2002.

Ignite’s® “It’s Not Rocket Science”
slogan is a statement of attitude…

The slogan embodies the freedom, curiosity and carefree individuality that allow Ignite® brand enthusiasts
to explore life and ‘just get on with it. There is a natural rebelliousness, a universal raw energy that makes everything possible: no boundaries!

The first collection was launched at the time of a beanie boom and the number of stockists grew quickly.
Ignite® products can now be found in most of the U.K.’s leading snow, surf, street and board-related stores.

We also supply stores in France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Switzerland and the US.

Today, Ignite® offers a unique headwear collection which is characterized by amazing colors, exciting design details, and moreover, excellent quality at the right price.

Ignite® products are regularly featured in publications such as Snow & Rock, Ski & Snowboard, Stuff, Wavelength, and Women’s Health, among others.

Discover our unique headwear world: it’s not rocket science !

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