Attirance is a manufacturer of natural cosmetics founded in 2003 offering its products in more than 45 different countries worldwide. We have obtained a wide experience and created special recipes for more than 400 different products.


Previously, Attirance hired 2 different agencies to manage their PPC campaigns but neither offered the ROI they were looking for. Attirance was also looking for more hands-on involvement and transparency from the agencies. Eventually, Attirance granted Online marketing outsourcing agency the chance to make their third and final try at PPC a success.


We collaborated with our client and decided that a complete Google AdWords campaign restructure would be the best investment for long-term success. The restructured campaign included conversion tracking of form fills, newsletter signups, and whitepaper downloads to measure the success of these conversion points and make improvements to user experience and follow-through.


With a fresh campaign setup and conversion tracking strategy, we helped Attirance begin to generate useful information about campaign performance, offering insight for continuous improvements and increased return on investment. With this new campaign prepared for long-term success, Attirance quickly began to see a significant reduction in cost per lead.

Decrease Average Cost Per Lead (CPL) by 227%

Decrease Average Cost Per Click (CPC) by 31%

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